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To Be Kind (TBK) has become a growing campaign by the Leadership class of Lake Brantley High School in an effort to effectively reduce bullying by proactively encouraging others to simiply act kind.  TBK has a few simple goals that are easily achievable by all those who take on the challenge:

  1. Create easy everyday challenges that a person of any age, anywhere.
  2. Teach others the value of kindness and its positive effects on people.
  3. Help create understanding between individuals in an effort to reduce social differences.
  4. Break out of comfort zones consistently to grow comfortable with each individuals own vulnerability.
  5. Create a kinder world.

Being kind takes a conscious effort.  It is more difficult to be kind because realeasing aggression through teasing, aggression, “snapping” and other negative forms emotional release has become socially acceptable.  “That’s just how people are.”  However, if people learn to redirect that energy into positivity through conscious thought, they can dramatically change the social structure.

The idea began on a school level, and through the use of social media and community support, it is quickly growing into a much larger campaign with the ultimate goal of not only being in high schools, but in workplaces, and anywhere bullying exists.  Because bullying effects people at all ages, this campaign is designed to work anywhere, anytime, by  anyone.  TBK will be working with a school in Germany to learn the cultural differences of bullying as well as to help them establish their own TBK campaign.  This project will take place in conjunction with the Lake Brantley German American Partnership Program (GAPP).

Currently, TBK is working on promoting this campaign in:

  1. elementary schools to teach children at young ages how easy and effective it is to be kind
  2. high schools where bullying is often written off as “kids being kids”
  3. colleges where bullying is often ignored but very much present through different campus groups
  4. the workplace where adults feel that bullying is only a childhood issue when in reality, it effects people at all ages

Bullying won’t stop in an instant.  It takes time, but it also takes everyone.  Join our commitment to reducing, and ultimately stopping, bullying.



bul-ly (n): a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Workplace Bullying:

Persistent verbal and nonverbal aggression at work, that includes personal attacks, social ostracism, and a multitude of other painful messages and hostile interactions.

Seminole County Public Schools:

“Systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students, a school district employee or a school district volunteer, including: unwanted and repeated written, verbal, or physical behavior, this includes any threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture that is severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment; cause discomfort or humiliation; or unreasonably interferes with the individual’s school performance or participation.”

LBHS Leadership:

Bullying is not just those who are the aggressor, it is also those who do/does NOT:

  1. say hi to someone sitting alone
  2. tell another to stop picking on others
  3. tell others to stop laughing at another
  4. have the willpower to say a kind word
  5. treat others as human beings
  6. tell others when acts of bullying occur whether in person or online

 If you are a victim of bullying or see an instance of bullying…

  1. Call, text, or email the SpeakOut Hotline
  2. Tell an admnistrator, teacher, or parent
  3. If you see it online, report it: Facebook, other cyberbullying reporting
  4. Stand up and say STOP! (As long as it doesn’t put you in a dangerous situation).
  5. Report workplace bullying to your boss or human resources department (or contact your state’s employee assistance program)

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